Find out who came out on top in our side-by-side mattress comparison of the internationally-awarded Emma Original mattress and the Willow mattress.

Emma Original vs Willow

Mattress Criteria
Queen Price
Country of Manufacture
Number of Layers
3 foam layers
3 foam layers
Mattress Depth
25 cm
Multi-zone Support
Motion Isolation (Zero Partner Disturbance)
In Firm Configuration
Contains Eco-friendly Foam
Machine-washable Mattress Cover
Ergonomic Handles
100 Night Trial
10 years
15 years
Free Delivery & Returns
Same-day Delivery
Allowed Number of Returns per Household Under Trial Period

Emma Original vs Willow



Original Mattress

Best Overall Mattress in a Box 2020




Emma Original Mattress

  • Exceptional 7 Zone Support System
  • Ergonomic Design & Construction
  • Eco-friendly Foam

With multiple international awards from independent testing agencies combined with its relatively lower prices, the Emma mattress has become synonymous with value for money the world over. But how does it compare with its Singapore counterparts?

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Certified 100% Natural Latex and Certified 100% Organic Latex Mattress



Above Average

Ecosa Mattress

  • Adjustable Firmness
  • 7 Zones of support
  • Eco-Friendly

Boasting a Certified 100% Natural Latex and Certified 100% Organic Latex Mattress, the Willow mattress presents a strong argument for its case as top mattress in a box, but let’s see how well all these bells and whistles fare in actual practice?

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The German-made Emma and Thailand-assembled Willow mattress have a similar construction build with three foam layers, one of which features ergonomic grooves to allow for improved pressure-relief. However, there was a noticeable difference in terms of material–Willow is 100% Latex mattress. Although it provides a type of body-contouring comfort similar to memory foam, but it is usually firmer and less soft.

The 15 year warranty offered by Willow is without a doubt an advantage but practically speaking keeping your mattress for 15 years might not be ideal. You’ll probably want to replace it before then as the integrity of the foam depreciates over time. Since defects due to normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty, it’s important to take into consideration whether manufacturing defects or normal wear and tear are likely to catch up to you first past the 10 year mark (average mattress lifespan) when deciding on the value of a 15 year warranty.

Overall, our opinion is that the Emma mattress still provides the better value in light of these aspects and remains the Best Overall Mattress in a Box. However, if you are partial to the feel of a latex mattress, then the Willow mattress is nevertheless worth a shot.